Are you struggling to make the progress you would like?

Are you feeling stuck and defeated?

If the answer is yes to either question, you're in the right place!

We all run into problems, experience failure, doubt ourselves, and just totally drop the bomb!

At one point or another life will feel like a disaster.

You might want to give-up. You may not believe you can make it happen.

But how you respond at these moments will determine the course of your life.

You don't have to give-up. You don't have to give-in.

You can respond to life as a creator.

You can respond from courage and purpose.

You can become resilient and determined!


Mental toughness is a skill and this course will help you develop it.

Your course includes:

Over 4 hours worth of audio interviews with 12 leading experts in mental toughness

A 57 page workbook with 12 modules

12 personal growth action plans to help you apply the content

12 guided meditations to help you develop your resiliency muscles

A 45 minute one-on-one breakthrough coaching conversation (scheduled at your convenience)

Plus numerous bonus products to help you grow resiliency and build greater persistence


sandiBecoming Unstoppable is more than a call to action. It is a place from which to live your life empowered, regardless of circumstance; a clear pathway to moving beyond old fears and limiting beliefs. With his clear, concise modules, Joe Wilner lays the foundation for inspired action - one step, one breakthrough at a time."

Sandi Amorim - Deva Coaching


It's mental toughness that separates those who give up from those who persevere.

Frankly, life might kick your ass at times.

You might feel exhausted and completely overwhelmed.

If you’re not ready to deal with these pivotal moments you’re going to give up. You’re going to throw in the towel and accept defeat as your fate.

Maybe your going through something difficult right now or are in need of a change.

This course will help you get through it!

We can learn to become mentally tough and resilient. We can become unstoppable! Sign-up to the Becoming Unstoppable ecourse to start building your resiliency muscles!


What you will learn from this course:

How to respond to failure and not give up

How to grow stronger through adversity

How to live with more passion and purpose

Grow your confidence and self-esteem

How to dream bigger and start taking action

How to take control of your life and the decisions you make

How to build momentum and persevere through obstacles

How to keep a positive attitude and stay inspired

baker"When it comes to developing resilience, mental toughness and staying focused through life's obstacles, Joe has absolutely nailed it with his Becoming Unstoppable program.Joe has kept the program simple and effective to ensure you can quickly and easily apply all of the principles you learn. With a growth plan to complete each week, you will develop the mental toughness to face any of your fears, proceed full throttle throughout your life and achieve the success you desire."

- Brendan Baker - The Start of Happiness

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Why I Created This Course - My Scuffles, Failures, and Defeats

Hi, my name is Joe and it's a pleasure to meet you.

If you're wondering why I created this course here are the two reasons.

1. I'm a recovering "failure."

2. I'm a recovering "quitter."

I have failed, made countless stupid decisions, and given-up on most things I've tried.

I used to feel like the underdog and that I wasn't good enough.

It took me awhile to realize this pattern in my life. The pattern that I was quitting whenever things got hard, and because I kept quitting I was viewing myself as a "failure," and someone incapable of doing what I desired to do.

It's was a bad cycle to get stuck in!

When school got hard I believed it was because I wasn't smart enough instead of working harder.

When sports got difficult I would quit and believe I wasn't athletic instead of practicing more.

When relationships started to require effort, I would quit, expecting that it was supposed to be easy.

When business got difficult I would throw in the towel instead of trying to learn, pivot, and develop.

I had the classic fixed mindset and victim type of mentality. I was pessimistic and self-critical.

I was unable to commit to what I knew was most important.

I finally got sick and tired of feeling like a failure!

Once I noticed this pattern, I realized I did have personal power and was able to create things in  my life. I was able to shift to a mindset of growth and ownership.

I was shaken up, and woke up to the life I wanted and the person I needed to become to create that life.

I also realized that my life was going to get the best of me if I didn't shift my perspective and start using adversity to become a stronger person.

Today I am a therapist and life-transition coach dedicated to helping people live with greater purpose, power, and presence. I created the blog Shake off the Grind and this ecourse to help you overcome your challenges and create the life you desire.

I now know that the direction we take in life is in direct response to our ability to be resilience and stay mentally tough as we make our journey.

In retrospect my hardships were the most important part of my life. They may have been the exact catalyst to propel me in a direction of personal growth and self-actualization that I am on today.

And I want you to be able to approach adversity in the same way.

If you're questioning whether you have what it takes, starting to doubt yourself, or going through a difficult time, I encourage you to take this course and transform your life!

If you really use this course by applying the knowledge provided you can make it through your hardships. You can reach your dreams if you commit to never giving up!

Here's to Becoming Unstoppable!

So, What Is Mental Toughness?

To be mentally tough is to resist the urge to give up in the face of failure, to maintain focus and determination in pursuit of one’s goals, and to emerge from adversity even stronger than before.

Adversity causes some people to break and others to break records. Adversity is the fabric of our character and is integral to the unfolding of our life.

So, how can you face adversity with poise, faith, and confidence?

What can you do to build your resiliency muscle and become a stronger and more resolute person?

By listening to the many stories of other people who have beat the odds and triumphed over adversity, you can grow your knowledge about what it takes to persevere. You can distill down the most basic principles that these stories have in common, and use them in your own life.

These principles are the framework of this program.

I have given these principles names to help us identify them and use them.

Use these principles and the voices behind them as you becoming unstoppable!

The Course Curriculum

12 Mental Toughness Principles

12 Weeks of Mental Toughness Training

12 Mental Toughness Experts

Module 1: Architect of Life Principle

Rob White

This principle is about overcoming the victim mentality and developing an ownership mentality. Victims are at the mercy of their environment and in a state of reacting. In order to begin making any change in life we must develop an ownership mentality and take the role of creating our own life. This lesson will help you begin building and constructing your life from a place of intention.

What you get:

  • 35 minute audio interview with Rob White about developing a winner's mentality, seeking opportunity, and connecting to our innate wisdom and joy. Learn more about Rob here.
  • Architect of Life Principle lesson and growth plan.
  • Guided meditation to help you begin creating the life you deserve and desire.

Module 2: Coals into Diamonds Principle


This principle is about forgiveness and healing our past. We all have baggage that weighs us down. We might feel resentment, regret, and a sense of pressure from carrying our past baggage. But this pressure is exactly what can help teach us profound lessons. This module will help you work through the pain of your past and use your adversity as a spiritual teacher.

What you get:

  • 27 minute audio interview with Alex Blackwell about forgiveness and learning to let go. Learn more about Alex here.
  • Coals to Diamonds lesson and growth plan to help you find meaning and value through adversity
  • Guided meditation to help you let go of negative baggage.

Module 3: Palm Tree Principle

Amy Clover

This principle is about how to build resiliency and bounce back from adversity. Understanding the concept of resiliency is a key first step to mental toughness. This module will help you learn skills to bounce back from adversity and become a stronger person.

What you get:

  • 25 minute audio interview with Amy Clover about overcoming challenges, growing into a stronger person, and building emotional and physical strength. Learn more about Amy here.
  • Palm Tree Principle lesson and growth plan to help you grow resiliency.
  • Guided meditation to help you develop resiliency.

Module 4: Underdog Principle

Alden Tan

This principle is about moving past self-doubt and not selling ourselves short. We all have amazing potential is we are willing to cultivate it and persevere, but sometimes we feel like an underdog and struggle to believe we have what it takes. Being an underdog means there is nothing to loose. This module will help you conquer self-limiting beliefs and go after what you want!

What you get:

  • 22 minute audio interview with Alden Tan on taking action and following your dreams. Learn more about Alden here.
  • Underdog Principle lesson and growth plan to help you grow self-confidence.
  • Guided meditation to help you build confidence and reach for your dreams.

Module 5: Plateaus and Mountains Principle

Tim Brownson

This principle is about the importance of always learning and growing. Resiliency involves pushing through the down times and keeping dedicated even when we don't see immediate results. We all will have lulls in our growth and progress, and learning to keep moving forward past these plateaus is a requirement to reaching toward our potential. This module will help you keep your momentum through these down times.

What you get:

  • 47 minute audio interview with Tim Brownson on growing, expanding, and pushing through obstacles. Learn more about Tim here.
  • Plateaus and Mountains Principle lesson and growth plan to help you create a personal growth training strategy.
  • Guided meditation to help you embrace learning and growing as a life long experience.

Module 6: Monster in the Closet Principle

Jonanthan Mead

This principle is about developing courage and overcoming your fears. Sometimes our vivid imagination can get the best of us. Our mind becomes filled with worries, fears, and an image of the worst case scenario. Fortunately we can also use our imagination to empower and inspire us. This module will help you learn how to channel your fear, come to terms with uncertainty, and live with greater intention.

What you get:

  • 32 minute audio interview with Jonathan Mead on pushing past fears and living authentically. Learn more about Jonathan here.
  • Monster in the Closet Principle lesson and growth plan to help you develop courage and overcome fear.
  • Guided meditation to help you move past your fears.

Module 7: Two Heads are better than One Principle

Scott Dinsmore

This principle is about the importance of creating healthy and supportive relationships. Social support may be the most important part of helping us cope and bounce back from adversity. Even when life is going smoothly we can’t do everything on our own. We all need support, encouragement, and resources to get where we want to go. This module will help you explore your current relationships and begin building your personal advisory board.

What you get:

  • 31 minute audio interview with Scott Dinsmore about connecting with others. Learn more about Scott here.
  • Two Heads are Better Than One lesson and growth plan to help you connect with supportive, encouraging people.
  • Guided meditation to grow your confidence and compassion for yourself and others.

Module 8: Seven Wonders Principle


This principle is about the importance of staying inspired. When we are dealing with adversity our sense of inspiration and purpose can dwindle. Finding ways to stay inspired and enthusiastic through difficult circumstances is crucial for bouncing back and remaining resilient. This module will help you create a plan for staying inspired and uplifted through your struggles.

What you get:

  • 30 minute audio interview with Sibyl Chavis about staying inspired and looking for possibilities. Learn more about Sibyl here.
  • Seven Wonders lesson and growth plan to help you cultivate greater inspiration and stay uplifted and encouraged.
  • Guided meditation to shift your focus toward the inspiration all around you.

Module 9: Ship without a Rudder Principle


This principle is about the importance of having a clear vision and purpose for your life. A vision for our future gives us direction and keeps us on track. A vision and purpose prevents us from being distracted by the lower priorities around us, and helps us stay motivated instead of discouraged. This module will guide you in creating a vision and mission statement for the different domains of your life.

What you get:

  • 41 minute audio interview with Peter G. James Sinclair on creating and living from an inspiring vision and mission. Learn more about Peter here.
  • Ship Without a Rudder lesson and growth plan to help you create a vision statement, and maintain focus and discipline in day to day life.
  • Guided meditation about visualizing your ideal future.

Module 10: Lemons to Lemonade Principle


This principle is about the importance of a positive attitude. Remaining optimistic and hopeful despite our struggles provides us the mental strength to push onward. We can learn to be grateful and optimistic despite our circumstances. This module will help you explore your state of mind and begin creating a greater sense of optimism.

What you get:

  • 28 minute audio interview with Dani DiPirro about staying positive and optimistic. Learn more about Dani here.
  • Lemons to Lemonade lesson and growth plan to help you cultivate and build greater optimism and hope.
  • Guided meditation to develop hope and faith.

Module 11: Wind in the Sails Principle


This principle is about the importance of using our strengths and passions in daily life. When we are passionate it keeps us energized and filled with zest for life. When we fill our life with passion and use our core strengths it will feel like the wind is at our back instead of pushing against us. This module will help you find and use your passions.

What you get:

  • 26 minute audio interview with Barrie Davenport about uncover and living out your passions. Learn more about Barrie here.
  • Wind in the Sails lesson and growth plan to help you develop and utilize your passions in day to day life.
  • Guided meditation to uncover and connect with your passion.

Module 12: Playing to Win Principle

Joel Runyon

This principle is the culmination of all the other principles and is about developing a bold and determined state of mind. When we play to win instead of worrying about losing we are able to take more risks, push ourselves further, and reach toward our potential. This module will provide tools to approach each day with a victorious mindset! Get out there and seize the day!

What you get:

  • 27 minute audio interview with Joel Runyon about living bigger and bolder. Learn more about Joel here.
  • Playing to Win lesson and growth plan to help you recognize and build a winner's mindset and start playing for bigger stakes.
  • Guided meditation to uncover your potential.

What They're Saying...

veron"What I love about this course is how Joe assumes that everything you've ever needed lies within you. He does not simply flood you with personal development cliches. Instead, he takes a holistic view of what keeps us going and what holds us back. He asks important questions and takes snapshots from different angles. This course will hold a mirror up to your struggles and guide you in overcoming them."

Vironika Tugaleva -


paige“For many of us, our conscious mind knows how awesome our lives would be if we were unstoppable.  Unfortunately our subconscious throws up blocks in fear of doing just that.  This program does a wonderful job of breaking down all the fears of the subconscious and shining a bright light on them.

With a series of short, easy to digest lessons followed by “growth plans” (actions that we can easily take) and interviews with people who have overcome their own limitations to become unstoppable, Joe leads us down a path from limitations and fears to knowing that we can live the life of our dreams.  He guides us through the process of creating a plan to make it possible and – most importantly – believable for ourselves.

If your limiting beliefs have kept you from being unstoppable in the past, this program will help you to gradually dissolve those beliefs and transform them into a knowing that you can do or be anything you can imagine.”

Paige Burkes – Simple Mindfulness


tess“Being unstoppable is about overcoming, believing and achieving anything you desire. It’s about having faith in yourself, your talents and your purpose while living in a world filled with fear.  Becoming unstoppable does an excellent job of offering you exactly what you need to move forward with confidence and courage. Joe Wilner’s course will far exceed your expectations.”

Tess Marshall – The Bold Life



“I’m so sure you’ll love the Becoming Unstoppable course that I’m giving you a no questions asked, 30-day money-back guarantee.  If you buy the course today and don’t agree that it’s worth every penny I said it was, just send me an email at joe (@) I will promptly refund your money. No questions asked.”



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