10 Habits for Life Success

The way we think, behave, and generally live is ingrained through habits we have developed throughout our life. Becoming aware of these patterns in thinking and behaving is incredibly important to reaching greater efficiency and effectiveness. Habits can help us live a more comfortable and productive life, or they can lead to frustration and disappointment.

Below are 10 habits to explore to help you develop a positive attitude, greater confidence, and the capability to overcome life’s obstacles.

1. Be honest

Having integrity is one of the most important qualities to reaching success. Learn be trustworthy, respectful to others, fair, and honest in all the decisions you make. People must know they can count on you and believe in what you say. Do what you say you will do and make it a habit to follow through and do the right thing.

2. Be positive

Having a positive attitude relates to everything from being optimistic and hopeful to being friendly and grateful. Develop a positive attitude and enthusiasm for your life is about finding moments of joy and pleasure by using your strengths and talents, and comes from managing your thinking. Positivity is a major factor in overcoming setbacks and staying resilient.

3. Be resilient

When life becomes stressful we need to take a step back and assess how we can work things out. Adversity and setbacks happen to everyone. Resilience then, is not about avoiding difficulties and struggles, but about turning these struggles into an opportunity to learn, and working through them by staying positive and keeping a healthy perspective on life. You can learn to take control of your life by controlling your response and reaction to life’s difficulties.

4. Be willing to learn

Learning is simply a lifelong endeavor that will never stop as long as you live. The sooner you grasp this idea the sooner you will see continued and immediate progress. Being a life-long learner is about making a commitment and habit of growing your knowledge and learning new skills. We live in a day in age where even the most competent and educated individuals have to focus on continual personal development to stay marketable. Accept feedback from others and always be willing to look for value and important lessons in any situation.

5. Be responsible

Take responsibility for what needs to be done in your life. Many people tend to blame their life circumstances on someone or something else, and neglect their own ability to change their life. Learning to be responsible provides empowerment and confidence in you capability. This comes through keeping agreements, sticking with your obligations, and always showing up prepared to do your part.

6. Be engaged

Be proactive and take life head on. Love what you do and stay active and attentive to what life brings your way. Don’t just sit back, coast through life on autopilot, and wait for life to happen. Be truly engaged and immersed in what you do. You’ll do your best work and get the most out of every experience this way.

7. Be supportive

Cultivating relationships is one of the most important aspects of happiness and success. Without a lasting connection with others all your success and achievements will cease to have any significance. Appreciate your relationships and work to show respect to others. Don’t be quick to criticize and belittle people for mistakes. Look for win-win opportunities where you can help others and they can help you.

8. Be creative

Everyone is capable of being creative and tapping into a larger source of inspiration. Start developing your imagination and work to use your creativity in everything you do. Think outside the box and whenever you get mentally stuck, reach deep down, think critically, and actively explore solutions.

9. Be disciplined

Are you someone that tends to finish things you start? Stay focused and committed to what you want to accomplish. Learning to cultivate time-management is a helpful part of discipline. Set clear goals with deadlines and focus on getting these goals accomplished. Keep up with your routine and don’t procrastinate.

10. Be grateful

Realize the good things you have. Make note of what goes right and what you’re thankful for each day. We all have things we can appreciate despite what may be going wrong. Approach each day with an attitude of gratitude where you seek to learn, grow, and expand yourself as a person.

Even when we’re aware of bad habits they can be tough to change, but learning to embrace change means working through excuses and finding good reasons to change. It takes setting specific goals and starting small with one thing at a time. If you’re committed to acquiring more positive habits it can be done.

Photo credit: B Rosen

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  • http://jakyastikblogs.blogspot.com Jaky Astik

    Ow, that’s a lot of habits to follow ;) kidding. A successful life is something everyone wants. A post to celebrate people who don’t really know how to get there. Good work Joe. Sometimes you got to step down to see things clearly. That’s what I understood precisely from this post.

  • http://www.2achieveyourgoals.com Dia

    Hi Joe,

    This is a wonderful list my friend. Willing to learn to is crucial for our growth, after all, knowledge is power. Taking responsibility for our lives is crucial as we always have a choice in life. We have got to develop good habits Joe to improve ourselves and grow. Thanks for sharing

  • Joe – Shakeoffthegrind

    Hi Jaky,

    Thanks for leaving your thoughts! A successful life is a broad idea to consider, though there are certain habits that we can’t go wrong with. Sometimes just taking time to look at how we leave and see what’s working and what’s not working is enough to start making change. Once we know what’s not working we have a choice to act and make change.

  • Joe – Shakeoffthegrind

    Hi Dia,

    Thanks for stopping by! I’m glad you mention being willing to learn, this is a personal strength of mine that really offers fulfillment. I could spend an entire day just research and reading and be completely fulfilled. So this is a habit I really believe in. I could use a little effort and focus in other areas though. ;)

  • http://twitter.com/thebridgemaker Alex Blackwell

    A great list Joe – and not just for building a great life, but for building character, too.

    Thanks for sharing,


  • http://www.FirepoleMarketing.com Danny Iny

    This is a great list – thanks for putting it together for us, Joe!

  • Joe – Shakeoffthegrind

    Hi Alex,

    Thanks for commenting! Many these habits do tie into the development of strong character. Having a steady character is related to a successful life particularly through areas of honesty, resilience, responsibility, and gratitude.

  • Joe – Shakeoffthegrind


    Hi, it’s great to meet you! Welcome to SOTG and thanks for commenting! I hope this list offered some thought provoking ideas.

  • http://hustlersnotebook.com Jk Allen

    Hey Joe – I post reminded me of when Rob White introduced me to “good” obsessions. I remember saying…obsessions are bad! He explained that there are bad obsessions, but you can also have wonderful obsessions…sounds simple, but MAN was it profound for me! I’ve since developed wonderful obsessions.

    The word habit, for me, is similar to that word obsession. I grew up ONLY hearing about bad habits…so even in my late twenties, I thought of a habit, as a negative word. CRAZY, huh? I now chuckle at this, because it was so nonsensical.

    I shared that only to set the tone of my appreciation for these these 10 habits. Anytime an action or thought has the potential to produce positive outcomes only – it’s worth ingesting and utilizing. I view each of these 10 habits as just that, positivity producers.

    Thank you Joe….I love this place!

  • Joe – Shakeoffthegrind

    Hi JK,

    Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom and insight! If we want change unhealthy habits we need to develop new healthy habits. I have found that awareness of my negative habits can be deceiving. In this sense having a focus for the habits I want to develop is key. It’s too easy to fall into bad habits without a a focus. Knowing the type of person I want to be really helps to stick with positive habits.

  • http://brite-talk.com Andrea DeBell – britetalk

    Hi Joe,
    This is a beautiful list. This are all great habits to cultivate. Going with Alex’s project, I’d add “be kind” to the list. Being kind allow us to stay in a giving frame of mind which brings happiness to us and others around us. Kindness is one of those things that will boomerang back at you. As you cultivate it, more comes into your life opening doors that once were closed.
    Thanks for such a great reminder. Loving blessings

  • Joe – Shakeoffthegrind

    Hi Andrea,

    Thanks for your comment! Being kind, considerate and caring would have certainly been an important addition. We live in a world of reciprocity and we must treat others how we would expect to be treated. Cultivating compassion and kindness for others is related to being supportive, and I agree that it opens up doors that would otherwise be closed and unrecognized. When we are expecting and expressing positivity, this will more likely come back to us in different ways.

  • http://mindadventure.com/blog rob white

    Hi Joe,
    Like JK pointed out, indeed we can have Wonderful Obsessions and Inspiring Addictions. Our mind is easily mesmerized and easily hypnotized, so it is always up to us take command and develop habits that support us. There are habits worthy of our obsession, these habits propel you toward the life you dream of experiencing. The essence of developing empowering habits is creating a world where you uninhibitedly express your unrealized potential and everyone gains from it.

  • http://thedropoutkid.com Jonathanfigaro

    Even after that free e-book your still running strong. Indeed, I expected no less. Great point Joe. Gratitude is the point where we need to be when we feel inadequate. Just be grateful and all else will come your way. You’ll start to feel better and life will be more enjoyable. Just stay grateful. Because everything can be taken away in a moments notice.

  • Joe – Shakeoffthegrind

    Hi Rob,

    Thanks for offering the your wonderful insight! I love the idea that habits can propel us toward success. I take the approach that thinking and behavior can both be a cause and effect depending on the situation, and your comment makes me realize that attitude is the key element that holds all of these together. I will work to find wonderful obsessions that can help me have a positive attitude and see how amazing and pleasant life would be if change took place.

  • Joe – Shakeoffthegrind

    Hi Jonathan,

    Thanks a lot and great to hear from you! I agree that gratitude is crucial to the list. It’s a major aspect of staying positive and it deserves special attention. It brings our focus to what’s going well and the good things that happened. Having appreciation for the good things in our life is essential for not only success but happiness.

  • RealFrueauf

    Good post. But other topic question, why have all your bullet points started being in such a small font? For an ol’ gez
    like me it can be hard to see…

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