The Right Way to Start Your Day: Six Steps to Get Motivated

morning routine

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.” - Zig Ziglar We all have bad days from time to time. Some days we may not feel like doing much. We might be tired, frustrated, or overwhelmed by stress. Its days like these where have to put […]

8 Practices to Make Every Day a Remarkable Success

fall joy

Life is about progress not perfection. I believe this is one of the most important reminders we can give ourselves as we work on changing our life. The ongoing process of personal transformation can be very frustrating. Think about what really keeps you stuck. Is it because you don’t have what it takes and you’re […]

How to Find Opportunity through the Twists and Turns of Life

not the end

“And I’ll find strength in pain And I will change my ways I’ll know my name as it’s called again.”  – The Cave by Mumford and Sons When we face a crisis it can difficult to handle. Any upheaval in life, from problems with our health, relationships, or career, can lead us to question the […]

How to Stay Motivated and Productive Through the First Quarter of the Year

starting line

We’re a couple of weeks into the New Year! How are your resolutions holding up? Have you encountered any obstacles or interference yet? If so, don’t sweat it, it’s to be expected. The key to long-term success is staying focused and continuing to taking action despite these set-backs. I know what you’re thinking, it’s not always easy […]

New Year’s Resolution Number 1: Keep New Year’s Resolutions!

end of 2012

There comes a time every year, usually around the end of the year, when we consciously think about what is to come. We make a plan with respect to this new beginning in hopes that things will be different. The plan could be about changing old habits, making new ones, learning something new, or achieving […]

3 Steps to Make 2013 the Best Year of Your Life

colorful celebration

What would have to take place to make 2013 the best year of your life? What would you be doing, thinking, feeling, and seeing? I know having the best year of your life is an audacious challenge, but it may be exactly what you need. Setting your sights higher and raising your standards is exactly […]

Episode #11 – How to Channel the Genius Within You


Special note: Before we get into the podcast I am excited to share that Awakening Sessions, my new transformation coaching program, will be available November 12! If you are interested in getting more information or getting signed up to take part in coaching email me at! There is limited spots so don’t delay! Okay, […]

Episode #10 – How to Make Healthy Lasting Change in Any Area of Life


Where in your life would like to see transformation? Maybe it’s improving your character and becoming a more patient and compassionate person. Maybe you want to excel in your career, or start exercising more often and eating better. I believe as human beings we are motivated to seek autonomy, personal growth, and a sense of competence. We […]

20 Ways to Be at your Best and Live Life to the Fullest

free to live

Many people don’t put in their best effort unless they have to. When was the last time you tried to skimp by and just do the bare minimum? We’ve all been there and it probably won’t be the last time we battle with motivation. I struggle with motivation when I don’t care about what I’m doing or when I lack […]

How to Gain Self-Mastery and Discipline to Reach Your Potential

martial arts fighter

The Olympic games are in full swing and with each event I become more astounded by the level of commitment and dedication the athletes have. There are not many people with the tenacity for the vigorous mental and physical training these athletes endure. Training twelve hours a day, year round, for the possibility of winning a medal is beyond my […]

12 Simple Changes to Transform into a Healthy, Happy, and Productive Person

smiling happy blonde

Life is made up, not of great sacrifices or duties, but of little things, in which smiles and kindness, and small obligations given habitually, are what preserve the heart and secure comfort. – Humphry Davy The idea of transformation can seem a little overwhelming. Making such a big change can sound like we need to have […]

You Cannot Change or Heal What You Don’t Acknowledge – An Interview with Alex Blackwell of The BridgeMaker


Ever struggle with making lasting change? Are you holding on to past hurts that are keeping you stuck? Want to know how to move forward and make positive lasting change? Well keep reading! I had the pleasure of interviewing Alex Blackwell, founder of The BrideMaker about his new book Saying Yes to Change:10 Timeless Life Lessons […]

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