Are You Ready for Your Trigger Positive Revolution?

A complete guide to living with greater joy and happiness, deepening and expanding relationships, and living a life of purpose and significance.


If I asked you what your biggest motivation is, what would you say?
Is it to be successful, to have loving relationships, to make a difference in the world, or to be wealthy?
Maybe it's all of the above. Though the one common denominator is TO BE HAPPY!
The search for happiness is the greatest motivator of humankind.
We do what we do in the hopes that we will ultimately find greater happiness.
Happiness doesn’t emerge from a random strike of lightening.
It is accessible to all of us if we learn how, and this program will guide the way.
You'll get tools for developing greater self-awareness, cultivating positive emotion, finding purpose and meaning, cultivating healthy relationships, seeking self-growth, and partnering with others to leave a lasting influence in the world.


It's time to begin your Trigger Positive Revolution!

Are you unfulfilled and dissatisfied with your life?

Maybe you don't have a sense of purpose or meaning from what you do?

According to Pew Research Center around 50% of people say they are "pretty happy," and 15% consider themselves not happy.

More troubling is that depression is three to ten times more common than it was two generations ago.

How would you say things are in your life?

Are you happy, kind of happy, or not very happy?

If you're ready to flourish and reach new levels of happiness this program is for you!

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Joe Wilner has written the text on how to go from trudging through life to living with joy, enthusiasm and purpose with his book, "Trigger Positive." The book is filled with examples and exercises that we can use to can change our outlook and emotional well-being if we choose to. Each chapter in the book builds your skill set and teaches you how to become increasingly more positive, step by step. We don't have live with an unhappy and negative world view just because we might have thought we were "born that way." Now, we have the tools and the techniques based on the latest scientific studies shared by Joe to go from pessimism and feeling as if we are "living under a dark cloud" to remaining positive even when the sun is obscured by a passing cloud. "Trigger Positive" is a fully stocked tool chest complete with instructions for building your very own positive future. - Angela Artemis of

What if...?

You could improve leadership and vision?

You could live a longer, healthier life?

You could reliably increase creativity and innovation?

You could increase sales and improve customer service?

These are all benefits of being happier and this program will show you how!


The benefits of being happy include:


Social rewards :

More friends

Richer social supports

Lower rates of divorce

A more satisfying marriage

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Superior work outcomes such as:

Higher income

Greater creativity

Increased productivity

Higher levels of energy


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Personal benefits of:

Better health and immune functioning

Greater longevity

Greater self-control and coping abilities

If I became happier so can you!

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Hi, I'm Joe Wilner, the creator of the Trigger Positive Program, and a personal example of how these interventions can help you become happier, grow deeper relationships, and live with greater passion and purpose.

A few years back I was in a place of anxiety, discontent, and meaninglessness. I suffered from unhealthy addictions and simply wasn’t living a life with any lasting fulfillment.

I was just going through the motions, stuck in a rut. I often felt anxious and down, always having high expectations and wanting more than I had, but not really having a clear understanding of what to do about it.

I wasn’t satisfied and tended to view the world as a negative place becoming easily frustrated.

You can probably imagine that life wasn’t so wonderful for me. This was all despite a great childhood, where I was fortunate to have nice things, travel to diverse places, and have friends and a caring family.

The problem wasn’t with my life, but was within me, and in the bigger picture I never really knew what it meant to be happy.

Fortunately I learned the secrets to enhancing well-being, and how you can be happy despite your life circumstances and genetic make-up.

Here is what is known about happiness:

40% of our happiness comes from intentional activities we have control over.
  • This includes behaviors like exercising, spending time socializing, and being kind to others.
  • Cognitive activities like mindfulness, counting our blessings, and trying to see the best.
  • As well as striving for personal goals and devoting time to meaningful activities.

The Trigger Positive program gives you a clear process with worksheet, activities, and guided practices to apply in your life, relationships, work, and community.

This program includes:

  • 145 page PDF workbook containing 16 separate exercises.
  • 16 Proven strategies to enhance your happiness.
  • 5 Guided meditations to facilitate greater emotional well-being.
  • A 3 hour 30 minute audio program walking you through exercises and meditations.
  • 4 great bonus products from top bloggers:

Mindfulness Living by Paige Burkes

How to Love Consciously by Alex Blackwell

Journaling from the Soul by Jodi Chapman

A Practical Guide to Bliss by Andrea DeBell

All of this for only $17.95!

What's so special about this guide?

  • This guide has compiled psychological theories and research that are proven to increase well-being and happiness!

  • It is written from popular viewpoints in an easy to read fashion.

  • It is structured from my real-world experience to help you immediately apply and incorporate the exercises to your personal life, relationships, and community.

Only $17.95

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Only $17.95



Through Joe’s transparent and engaging style, he shares practical and easy-to-follow strategies to begin living a more successful, happier life right now. I recommend Trigger Positive for anyone who is looking to make a positive difference in their own life, and in the lives of others. - Alex Blackwell of


4 Sections full of worksheets, activities, and happiness interventions!

Part I: Happiness, Emotions, and Flourishing

Positive and Negative Emotions

Emotional Intelligence

Enhancing Positive Emotions

Well-being and Flourishing

Part II: Trigger a Greater You

Using Strengths

Flow Experiences

Simple Lifestyle Changes

Mindfulness and Savoring pleasures

Optimism and Hope

Creativity and Curiosity





Part III: Trigger Greater Relationships

Connecting with others

Smile, laugh, and be merry

Compassion and Empathy

Positive communication




Part IV: Trigger a Greater World

Be a visionary leader in all areas of life

Finding Meaning and Purpose

Giving Back Through Your Meaning and Purpose

Spirituality and Transcendence

Love and Interconnectedness

Positive Workplace

Positive Family

It's time to live with greater fulfillment, satisfaction, and purpose!


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Get the workbook, audio program and bonus material for ONLY $17.95

Joe has put together a gem of a read. His psychological knowledge, as well as his natural love for life, combine to give readers an insightful, educational, and hopeful view into a better life that they can obtain for themselves.
That's what I like about this book, Joe doesn't tell you how to live a better life, he tells you that a better life is possible and believes that you can achieve it. A number of highly useful methods, exercises and practices are included to help the reader live in alignment with their
true path, and I couldn't find a fault with any of them. Not one. It's remarkable that Joe hasn't even reached 30 yet. If he's producing this kind of wisdom and kindness at his young age, then he's definitely worth following in the years to come.
- Stuart Mills of